Kane Landscapes


David Duncan

“From day one we were impressed with the attention and attitude of Kane Landscapes. They heard what we were asking for and came through with a fantastic design. Beyond that they kept us updated weekly on the progress of the job. When problems or design changes presented themselves they walked us through the changes until we found a solution that satisfied us. Friendly and professional company with courteous employees.”

Bruce Buzzell

“The work out front and tree plantings out back looks great! While we did look at a couple of other companies for this small project we ultimately chose Kane because we knew from past experience that you all deliver a great product. We weren’t disappointed.”

Arlette Dineen

“You all keep our yard looking like a photograph:)”

Bridget Schmitz

“I want you to pass on my praises to your team and thank you for how great our yard looks!! The mulch was like icing on the cake. And your guys edged out a spot around my mailbox and staked my clematis vine that was buried in the weeds!! It made my day!!! I wanted to tell you, and whoever is in charge,  just how outstanding your people are in their efforts at making the yards look great!!!”

Richard Richardson

“I have deliberately sent this email back to both of you as I particularly want Julie to know how impressed I continue to be with David and overall with Kane Landscapes.  Julie, David visited both of my properties yesterday.   I live in Baltimore and  I rent both properties so it is very important to me that I have a handle on what is going on.  David was his professional self-courteous, knowledgeable and took the time to respond to all of my questions.  I am a fan.  I know that when I started with Kane Landscapes that my next door neighbor followed and did the same and now another neighbor has joined the crowd.  I hope the whole block gets wise and begins to use your service.  It takes a burden off my back living in Baltimore and knowing that my properties get this sort of care.  Thank you David!!!  Thank you Justin!! Thank you Julie and all the employees at Kane.”

William Bethea

“I want to pass along to you what a great job Elias has been doing every week.  He is, by far, the best team leader I have had since signing on with Josh 15 years ago (Well, except for when Josh actually did it himself). Today I asked Elias to do a particularly good job with the property because of a large 100 person party we are throwing on Sunday.  He and his assistant meticulously cleared the entire property and left it in perfect condition; no easy task after the recent wind storms. Thank you for providing such a great service.”

Gem Safford

“Amanda, I wish you could have been here to witness the perfection of your design in today’s rainstorm.  The deep water moved flawlessly along the rock riverbed with a very considerable current, only overflowing the edges of the riverbed as it briefly became a small lake at the bottom of the yard, above the cistern that is underground there. It was perfectly contained and absolutely beautiful to watch.  I could hardly remember the melted mess that was our yard when we first called for your help. The garden that you designed is beautiful, and is doing wonderfully. Should you be in the area sometime, do stop by and admire it all.   The sod that you put in took perfectly, and the sorry existing grass has done so well that you can hardly tell them apart. The flowers that you planted have been simply beautiful, and the way you grouped and arrayed them is perfect.  I know that it takes time for a garden to mature, and I never expected it to be so beautiful this first Spring. You are so gifted – thank you for your work!  It enhances our enjoyment of our house, and will surely enhance its value, as well!”

Julie Krueger

“We have been very pleased with our service from Kane Landscapes. The staff is very courteous, efficient, and responsive. The quality of work and the staff were great. We feel like the staff went out of their way to ensure we were happy, and that our new sod and seed would take by helping us install timed sprinklers while we were away. After one year of service, we are very happy and look forward to seeing our lawn take shape. Thank you!”

Tisa Masci

“If all service businesses were as reliable, efficient and diligent as yours what a wonderful world it would be! In these economic hard times, I’d give up my house cleaning service, my hair stylist, even my clothing budget, but never, never my landscapers! Thanks for another year of wonderful work in my yard.”

Elaine Karty

“I really appreciate that your guys often take the time and make the effort to do more than they’re required to do. And that a supervisor always comes before, during, and after your crews have done extra landscaping work. I really like that my phone calls are returned so promptly and my questions answered so quickly.”

Norman Cigar

“Just wanted to give my thanks for a job well-done on removing and rebuilding my back-yard brick wall. Your staff was at all times professional and courteous and worked quickly but accurately. I am very pleased with the final results, as is always the case with Kane Landscapes.”

Parastoo Illingsworth

“I do want to point out that your service was EXCELLENT. Your team, including yourself, were very professional, kind and seem to truely have our best interest at heart. Not only the service itself was great, the lawn looked great and taken care of weekly, we appreciated the personal touch which makes your service exceptional. Our kids tend to build forts and leave toys behind, every week, we would see the grass was mowed and toys were in the exact location the kids left them. It was obvious that your crew had moved the fort to mow the lawn and then place the fort (usually stack of wood put against each other) in the exact shape and place they found them. That is the kind of service that is hard to find and make your service special. Please extend our gratitude to your team.”

Becky Tew

“The yard looks amazing.  Riley walked out the garage, gasped, and said, “Wow, it looks like we have a brand new house!”  From the brain of a 5-year-old, yes, and me – not too experienced with landscapers (usually I do everything myself – until 3 kids were in the picture)….. your guys were so nice and did such a better job than the guys last summer.  Drop off some cards sometime – I still get inquiries about my yard and I’d be more than happy to give out your card.”

Alley Lombardi

“Everything looks incredible and I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the product, the attention to detail, and the overall service.  You can always use us for a glowing reference!  We will be sure to use Kane for all of our ongoing maintenance needs.”

John M. Kosciw

“Thank you for the patio and paver project that you completed at our house. Deborah and I recognize the thought, design and quality of installation that was undertaken in getting to the end result. The finished job looks great! Your project finished off the backyard and made an outdoor living space out of a hill. Points Josh brought up during the design process were good ideas and made it a better looking and better designed project. The little extra finished touches on the sitting walls, the matching step and the stepper stones are little extras and reasons why your patio and work stands out. Your operations manager, was great to work with. He was helpful in explaining the project and it’s timetable. His stone stepper recommendation was the last piece that ties everything together. Your stone and paver crews were very knowledgeable, hard working and respectful. The crews kept a very clean work site. It was a big job and it was done very well. We thank you.”

Althea Scurvin

“I am truly pleased with the level and quality of service that the Kane Landscapes’ team continually delivers. Thank you!”

Pat Irons

“This letter is to let you know that we are very happy with all aspects of our recent landscape and patio construction experience. We recently had a get-together of about 35 people, and the patio was a great gathering place! Everyone was impressed both with design and construction. Please extend our thanks to the guys on the crew who worked so hard each day to provide us with a great product. They were on time each day, worked consistently throughout the day, cleaned up before they went home, and worked a full day, each day. I gladly would recommend Kane Landscapes to others as a first-class group with whom to work. From concept to design and implementation, you all were great! Thank you.”

James B. Capps

“I wanted to take a moment to express my complete satisfaction with the landscaping and wall construction your firm performed for my pool construction. I must say, from the design to completion, it was a pleasure dealing with you and your very capable staff. The designers, managers, and workers did a fantastic job; and I would be more than happy to recommend Kane Landscapes. The project resulted in an incredible addition to our property.”

Lillie Richardella

“You’ve brought so much joy and beauty into our lives, and it’s such a pleasure working with Kane-our favorite contractors ever!”

Keith Obuchon

“We are very pleased with Elias and his team – everything look PERFECT when he comes, especially!! We really appreciate the time, effort, and consideration of such a well organized professional company dedicated to serving customers!! Thank you. You are the best out there. P.S. – We love how quick you are to respond to issues through emails and you even communicate BEFORE an issue arises, i.e. storms. Wow! If only all organizations were like yours…sigh… Thanks again.”

Mary Hough

“I’m thrilled with the landscape project! Your design is lovely and just right for me – you’ve created my “Secret Garden.” I also appreciate the careful work of your crew and the attention to detail. I’ll follow the care instructions although Mother Nature has blessed us with a thorough soaking this week. Perfect!”