Landscape Maintenance Schedule

Mark your calendar!

Follow our timeline for Kane Landscape tips and services that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!

If you have any questions or to request a quote,  please feel free to contact us at 703-803-3146 or email

December Maintenance

  • Round 6 is being applied to help build up healthy grass roots and provide nutrients to your lawn throughout the winter months.
  • Evergreens should be sprayed with wilt-pruf to help protect them from excessive moisture loss in the cold and windy months ahead.
  • Kane Landscapes, Inc. will be providing the final leaf clean-ups and mowing to leave your lawn looking great for the next few months until we see you next year!

December Notes

It’s time to put your lawn and landscapes to bed.

Don’t forget, Kane Landscapes, Inc. offers snow removal for homes and businesses. So put away your shovel this year and let Kane Landscapes do the work for you!

January Maintenance

Happy New Year!
In preparation for the coming year, Kane Landscapes, Inc. has already begun sending out our Lawn Maintenance Contracts. Make sure to check your mail for your contract!

January Notes

Trees need water even in the winter! Water your trees when temperatures are above 40º F. NOTE: Evergreens are especially reliant on water during this time of year when winds can be harsh and water scarce.

February Maintenance

  • February is the time when we begin pruning your fruit and shade trees to thin out dead or crowded branches and give them their best shape.
  • We also begin testing your lawn and garden soil to develop a program that will best improve your growing conditions.
  • Lime is applied to keep the pH levels in your soil balanced in preparation for your chemical lawn care program.
  • Mulch time!

February Notes

March Maintenance

  • March means it is time for seeding if you didn’t do so in the Fall or to just thicken up patchy areas.
  • ROUND 1 of our complete lawn fertilization program is now taking place to control crabgrass and broadleaf weed 
  • Garden beds are being mulched and bed weed control is being applied to help keep your landscape beds looking beautiful.
  • Time to start Tick Control treatments

March Notes

Warmer months are ahead and the time is ticking! Have you requested your Lawn Maintenance Quote yet? Secure your place in our maintenance schedule today by sending us your signed contract to ensure that your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood!

April Maintenance

  • Weekly Mowing and Turf Maintenance kicks off
  • Aeration and seeding begins
  • Weekly weeding of landscape beds begins
  • PROBLEM INSECTS, such as tent caterpillars and borers, are being controlled.
  • Time to start pruning, now thru September
  • Have you started Tick Control treatments?

April Notes

We are in full swing. Bulbs are blooming and temperatures are rising. Mowing, mulching, fertilization and complete landscape construction are underway. You name it and we’re out there doing it to make our properties look their best!

May Maintenance

  • Round 2 of our lawn care program is now being applied – the second application of crabgrass and broadleaf weed control.
  • 1st Pruning and Plant fertilization visit of the year
  • Spring/Summer annuals are going in to add that amazing color addition to your landscapes that will last many, many months.
  • Optional Organic Pest & Tick Control treatments applied this month, including Grubs

May Notes

Time to truly start enjoying your garden. Now is a great time to plant flowering trees and shrubs to add a splash of color to your landscape.

June Maintenance

  • Round 3 of our lawn care program – grub control – is being applied to prevent unseen pests below from destroying your lawn.
  • Optional Fungicide applications to control fungal issues common to our area’s humid climate

June Notes

The perennials that were planted last year are now up and starting to flower – providing your garden with that beautiful color and texture display that these plants are known for.

July Maintenance

  • Azaleas, Rhododendrons are done flowering and the 2nd bush pruning and plant fertilization visit has begun.
  • Bugs are on full attack – help us keep an eye on your trees and shrubs and let us know if you need one of our experts to come out and help control a problem.

July Notes

It’s getting warmer so make sure that your plants and lawn are getting enough water now to help them make it through the hot, dry summer ahead. (Deep watering in the early morning is always best).

August Maintenance

  • With heat and drought like conditions, it is time to raise our mower blades to ensure your lawns keep at the proper height. Weekly lawn and turf maintenance visits continue to keep your property looking its best all summer long.

August Notes

AAAHH! The lazy dog days of summer! No sweat for you – you’ll have it “made in the shade” while Kane Landscapes, Inc. cares for your lawn and garden.

Keep watering – but watch for water restrictions. Remember,  an irrigation system actually saves you time, water, and MONEY! If you are interested in an irrigation system, contact us today for a free estimate.

September Maintenance

  • Round 4 slow release fertilizer and spot weed control is being applied.
  • Aeration, de-thatching and overseeding is going on to help open up your lawn to allow water, air and fertilizer to reach roots more efficiently.
  • Optional organic compro applications available to enhance lawn and seed germination
  • Plantings are going in during this cooler and wetter season.

September Notes

Now is a perfect time to start the work that it really takes to get that beautiful lawn and landscape for next year.

October Maintenance

  • Seeding and aeration are continuing.
  • We are planting bulbs to give you those beautiful Spring flowers and your Summer annuals are now being removed and Fall pansies and mums taking their place.
  • 3rd Pruning and Plant fertilization visit begins.

October Notes

The leaves are starting to change and the temperatures are becoming milder

November Maintenance

  • Our Fall Leaf Removal and mowing services have begun.
  • Round 5 of our lawn program is going on now to help prevent winter weed and build up the health of your lawn.
  • Now is the time to trim and divide those perennials so that next Spring they will have room to grow and flourish.
  • Fall mulching is a great service to keep plants warm and moist in the winter weather ahead.

November Notes

Winterization begins! Those leaves are really changing colors and starting to fall.  Schedule your leaf removal with us to ensure your grass is not covered with leaves before the snow arrives.