Landscape Architect and Design

It begins with inspiration.

The initial glimpse of an idea – your property as a beautiful sanctuary where memories are created season after season. Our team of talented Landscape Architects leads you through this process to discover the possibilities of your land. We craft your desires into a plan, where splendor and function blend to create a place that reflects your style and allows you to live in your outdoors.

Our Process


Preparation for the Initial Consultation

After scheduling an initial consultation with your Architect, we will request that you fill out the Design Questionnaire and provide us with a copy of your plat. This form helps provide a framework of your goals, preferences, and investment range for the project. Collecting visual ideas from magazines and websites like Houzz and Pinterest will provide us with more insight into your tastes and style.



The goal of this initial meeting is to get to know you and your family to ensure we develop a shared vision for your project. We also want to see and discuss, potential opportunities or possible challenges your site may present. Our team will use this opportunity to provide you with information regarding the design / build process as well as the time & costs involved in creating a well-thought-out and thoroughly detailed plan.


Conceptual Design(s)

With an understanding and a vision of your goals for the project, we will present you with conceptual designs and 3D renderings showing the different possibilities, along with a summary of the expected budget ranges. Conversations to help determine which landscape features are a must and a discussion on a more definitive budget are normally completed at this time to allow the design process to move forward.


Master and Final Plans

Taking the best ideas that you fell in love with from the conceptual plans, as well as any new thoughts that were triggered by imagining your project from a new angle, then combining them with your desired budget will allow us to create your Master Plan. This detailed plan, along with a few revisions if needed, will allow us to produce a detailed work description, and finalized material selection list. We will discuss your construction and installation timelines, and help move you toward creating the landscape of your dreams.


Create - Install

Working closely with the architect, Kane’s team of talented landscapers, masons, and carpenters will meticulously craft an outdoor environment that becomes a place for you, your family, and friends to enjoy day after day.

Why Do I Need a Kane Landscape Architect?

A Kane Landscape Architect and can provide valuable expertise in planning, designing, and managing outdoor spaces.

A Kane landscape architect can bring a combination of artistic vision, technical knowledge, and project management skills to ensure that your outdoor space is not only beautiful but also functional and well-suited to your needs and the characteristics of the site.

Here are several reasons why you might need our services:

  1. Functional Design: Kane Landscape architects can create outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. We consider factors such as flow, accessibility, and the intended use of the space to ensure it meets your practical needs.

  2. Aesthetics: We have the experience to create visually appealing landscapes. We consider elements such as color, texture, form, and balance to design spaces that enhance the overall beauty of your property.

  3. Site Analysis: Kane Landscape architects assess the natural features and constraints of a site, such as soil quality, drainage, and climate. This analysis helps us design landscapes that are well-suited to the specific conditions of your property.

  4. Environmental Sustainability: Kane Landscape architects are knowledgeable about environmentally sustainable practices. We can design landscapes that minimize environmental impact, conserve resources, and promote biodiversity.

  5. Project Management: If you’re undertaking a significant landscaping project, a Kane Landscape architect can manage the entire process from concept to completion. This includes coordinating with subcontractors, overseeing construction, and ensuring that the design is implemented according to plan.

  6. Value Addition: Well-designed landscapes can enhance the value of your property. Whether it’s a residential or commercial space, a thoughtfully designed outdoor environment can make a positive impact on property value.

  7. Regulatory Compliance: Kane Landscape architects are familiar with local regulations and zoning requirements. We can help ensure that your project complies with legal and regulatory standards, as well as, securing any necessary permits.

  8. Plant Selection and Maintenance: Kane Landscapes has the knowledge about plants and their requirements. We can recommend appropriate plant species for our region and create a maintenance plan to keep your landscape healthy and thriving.

  9. Outdoor Living Spaces: If you’re interested in creating outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, or gardens, a Kane Landscape architect can design these areas to maximize functionality and aesthetics.

  10. Customization: A Kane Landscape architect can tailor the design to your specific preferences and lifestyle. Whether you want a peaceful retreat, a family-friendly space, or a vibrant garden, Kane Landscapes can bring your vision to life.