Landscape Installation

It is time to Create and bring your landscape vision to life.

Working closely with the architect, Kane’s team of talented landscapers, masons, and carpenters will meticulously craft an outdoor environment that becomes a place for you, your family, and friends to enjoy day after day.

Communication is key to ensuring your project goes smoothly.  You will be kept notified of progress throughout the entire process through daily updates from the architect or project lead.


Why Kane Landscapes?

Kane Landscapes will make your landscape design come to life.

Landscape Installation involves the actual implementation of the design plan, transforming the conceptual ideas into tangible and functional outdoor spaces.

Kane Landscapes understands the crucial phase in the landscaping process by translating design concepts into tangible outdoor spaces. It involves a combination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and project management skills to create landscapes that are not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable over time.

Here are several reasons why you should choose Kane Landscapes over other companies:

  1. Licensed & Insured: We are fully insured to protect you, your neighbors, and your home. Having an uninsured company or worker install your project not only puts you at risk of not having damaged property paid for, but YOU also become responsible for their medical bills and workers’ compensation claim if they are injured while working for you.

  2. Education and Continual Training: A well-executed landscape installation can significantly enhance the value of a property. We continually train our teams on the latest technics to ensure your project thrives and lasts for many years.

  3. Dedicated Office Staff: Not only is it nice to have someone politely answer your call, but it is even better when they are knowledgeable and helpful. Our office staff is there to help you get your questions answered or direct you to the right person in our company who can.

  4. Legal Employees: Our foremen, most of whom have been with Kane Landscapes, Inc. for over 10 years, have all been screened by the social security administration to ensure that they are U.S. citizens or legally permitted to work in the U.S. We use the governmental H2B temporary worker visa program to help ensure that our workforce is legal. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it also ensures that we know who is on your property.

  5. Community Awards & Publications: Not only has Kane landscapes, Inc. won numerous landscape design and installation awards, but for many years now we have been awarded PLANET’s Gold level overall safety award – showing how proactive we are to protect our employees and your property.

  6. Overall Quality and Finished Job: It really is the little things that matter. Was the base of the patio built to the correct thickness? Was the sand that was swept between the pavers the polymeric sand or just masonry sand that will wash out? Attention to these details is what really matters and allows our clients to know that we have really put thought and effort into their projects.

  7. Premium Landscape Maintenance Services: With a goal to ensure your landscape provides you season after season of natural beauty and enjoyment we assign dedicated managers to our sites. With backgrounds in horticulture, arboriculture, and turfgrass sciences they are there to help advise you, and our teams, on how to best care for your outdoor living space.