Small Yard Landscapes

We have a passion for transforming properties of all sizes.

While our website proudly displays our expertise in handling large and visually striking landscaping projects, we also want to emphasize our passion for transforming properties of all sizes. 

Working on smaller spaces offers an exciting opportunity for creativity and innovation. We thrive on the challenge of maximizing the potential in every available inch, ensuring that even the smallest corners become captivating outdoor retreats. Whether it’s a large scale project or a tiny oasis, we approach each with equal enthusiasm, delivering exceptional results that our clients adore.

Planning Activity Zones

Careful consideration and strategic planning are essential when incorporating all your desired features into a compact yard. It requires thoughtful organization of the available space to create distinct activity zones that cater to various needs, such as relaxation, play, entertainment, family gatherings, cooking, and dining. These zones can be centered around specific elements like a fire pit, spa, or grilling patio to optimize the functionality of the space.

Allow Enough Space in your Design

In small yard landscapes, it is essential to allow for sufficient space between different elements to avoid a crowded feel, similar to an overly furnished room. Thoughtfully considering the distances between distinct areas fosters natural transitions that promote a harmonious flow in the overall landscape design.

Factors in Elevation

Subtle changes in elevation can effectively delineate distinct areas within the outdoor environment and create a sense of expansiveness that extends across various levels.

For instance, one might transition from a house onto a deck featuring an integrated spa, then descend to a patio furnished with a fire pit or grill station. The varying elevations as you move between these spaces heighten the impression of moving through separate outdoor chambers.

Challenges with Small Yard Landscapes

The landscape design process for small yards is largely similar to that of large yards in most aspects.

However, owners of small yards commonly encounter two significant challenges: drainage / grading issues, and the constraint of fitting numerous features into a limited space. Many individuals with smaller lots experience drainage problems, particularly in new construction homes where the land is heavily compacted during the building process.

The positive news is that landscaping can address these grading and drainage issues as an integral part of the process. Additionally, our landscape architects will creatively reimagine your backyard environment to accommodate various desired features within separate but interconnected functional areas. This approach allows for the inclusion of most, if not all, items on your wish list in a modified form.

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Instead of being deterred by potential obstacles, take the time to explore the possibilities for maximizing your compact yard. You might be pleasantly surprised by the extent of what you can achieve.

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