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Freeze Impact on Local Plants

16-03-2017 by Julie Kane

It is an understatement that 2017 has been a strange year for weather. The following impact of the recent freeze on local plants is compiled from multiple sources. It may help you anticipate how your plants will perform this year. According to [...]

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Time for Tulips!

15-04-2016 by Emily Inglis

Written by John Kane Color - It’s what makes the spring season special. From the yellow of daffodils to the diverse rainbow of tulips, bright and cheery colors are a sure sign that winter is over and warmer weather is on the way. Every fall, [...]

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Top Landscape Trends for 2016

11-04-2016 by Emily Inglis

The National Association of Landscape Professionals recently announced its official list of the top landscape design trends for 2016. Check out this list and see if you are on trend this year! 1. Customized Outdoor Living Spaces - As more and more [...]

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Winter Wilt Prevention

22-12-2015 by Emily Inglis

During this winter season, many landscapes in the Northern Virginia area will rely on evergreen trees and shrubs to lend color to the environment. Ranging from dark glossy green to pale ice blue, the leaves and needles of these plants are not only be [...]

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The Importance of Proper Soil Preparation for Landscape Beds

01-12-2015 by Emily Inglis

Have you ever driven by a beautifully, lush landscape that is full of flowering plants and wonder how come their landscape looks so much better than all the others on the block? Ever question why one landscape company’s bid is much less than anothe [...]

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