Having a beautifully installed landscape is only the beginning.  For your landscape to sustain it needs the appropriate care and attention to thrive and continually look its best.  Properly maintaining a complex landscape is much more than keeping the grass cut and removing a few weeds.   It requires correct horticultural practices be followed, and attention paid to the constantly changing environment and conditions in which your plants live.

With a goal to ensure your landscape provides you season after season of natural beauty and enjoyment we assign dedicated managers to our sites.  With backgrounds in horticulture, arboriculture, and turfgrass sciences they are there to help advise you, and our teams, on how to best care for your outdoor living space.

Schedule a meeting with one of our skilled Horticulturists to design a sustainable landscape maintenance program for your yard.

We offer weekly care visits to help ensure your turf and landscape plants are properly cared for.

Turf maintenance visits will be performed weekly and will leave your turf looking beautifully manicured. Weekly lawn maintenance is scheduled for the same day each week (weather dependent) from early April through the first week in November. 

Our standard weekly maintenance visits include:

  • Mowing of all turf areas with optional bagging of clippings
  • Edging of landscape beds and hard surfaces abutted by turf
  • Trimming around all objects in yard
  • Hard surfaces blown off
  • Weeds growing in hard surfaces are treated with herbicide
  • Litter and twig removal from lawn
  • Service tag left at the property indicating the work performed during that visit or issues noticed

 Leaf removal visits are scheduled from Mid-November into December (2 to 3 visits).  Leaf removal will be performed in all areas that we regularly maintain (turf sections and annually mulched beds).  A lawn maintenance visit will be performed with each leaf removal service to ensure the lawn is left looking manicured.

Our environmentally responsible lawn care program is designed to yield and maintain a healthy turf system for your specific site. These applications will limit weeds and increase turf canopy each year. Our state-licensed applicators use the best equipment and proper fertilizers to create a lush and healthy lawn.

The 6-step program includes:

  • Soil test and lime application
  • Pre-emergent and fertilizer application
  • Second application of pre-emergent and fertilizer
  • Grub control
  • Aeration, over-seeding and an application of fall fertilizer
  • Winter Fertilizer
  • Spot treatments of any existing weeds will be done during each service visit (except during lime application and fall fertilizer).

Additional optional Turf Care services include:

  • Apply organic compost
  • Spring aeration and overseeding
  • Power-seeding and de-thatching
  • Corrective lime application
  • Fungicide applications

Visit our Maintenance Calendar for more information on the timing and benefits of each treatment.

It is important to protect your investment with a program that will promote the health and well-being of your plants. Our Bed & Plant Maintenance program does just that. Services can include:

  • Spring bed clean-up, edging and mulch installation (with pre-emergent herbicide)
  • Pruning of shrubs, perennials, and ornamental trees
  • Plant fertilization
  • Weekly weeding visits
  • Seasonal flower rotations
  • Fall mulch
  • Winter site visits

Visit our Maintenance Calendar for more information on the timing and benefits of each treatment.

It is important that all the components that make up your landscape are cared for in addition to the plants.  We offer service and maintenance to most systems including:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Water features and fountains