Design Questionnaire

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    Do you have outdoor pets? Types of pets:

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    General Questions:

    When was your home built?:

    The style of your home would best be described as:

    Are there any areas of your property that have drainage problems?

    What are the major use requirements for your new landscape:

    Would Kane Landscapes have unlimited access to your outdoor property?

    Are there any other construction/home improvement projects that will be underway along with your landscape work?

    Do you have a HOA or review board you need to get approval from before work can begin?

    Does your HOA have a written set of guidelines to follow? (Please Provide)

    What is your budget for this project?

    Planting The Seeds Of Thought For Your Landscape Dream

    Do you consider yourself a hands-on gardener or just enjoy the beautiful views more?

    Which would best describe your dream garden’s feel: formal or free flowing?

    Is there a theme/feeling you are trying to create in your landscape?

    Would you like more plant filled beds or turf areas?

    Types of plants you wish to see in your landscape:

    Types of plants you really are not fond of ?

    Types of colors you would enjoy in your new landscape.

    Colors that are not your style:

    Are you allergic to any types of plants or insects?

    Would you like any statuary, birdbaths or fountains in your landscape?

    Do you have any magazine or book clippings of ideas you like? (If yes, please provide. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, it happens to us all the time.)

    Hard Questions On Your Hardscapes

    Area(s) to be constructed:

    Number of people you normally entertain (don’t forget the in-laws):

    One level or multiple levels of entertaining area?

    Type(s) of furniture you envision on your patio/deck: (tables, number of chairs, lounges, etc.)?

    What types of paving materials are you considering: (pavers, brick, wood decking, etc.)?

    Do you need a cookout area/built in barbecue?

    Do you need a retractable awning for shade or a fire-pit for warmth in the night?

    Are you considering an arbor or trellis? If so, where?

    Does your walk/patio need to be handicap accessible (no steps)?

    Will your driveway be handling heavy vehicles on a regular basis?