Covid-19 Response

COVID-19 Response
During this unprecedented time, our company has implemented many steps and safety measures to ensure the health and well being of our employees, clients, and the community. We are fortunate at this time to still be able to operate our business and serve our clients at their homes and we take this privilege very seriously.  We are constantly monitoring new developments and keeping our employees informed of enhanced precautions to ensure we are following all Federal, State, and CDC guidelines.  At this time we are committed to the following practices and procedures to protect our employees and clients:
  • Providing constant updates to employees on the latest protocols and best practices.
  • Providing bi-lingual handouts for the field crews on how to stay safe and what symptoms to look for.
  • Providing remote work options for the majority of sales and office staff.
  • Maintaining quality services while monitoring the safety of crews with frequent site inspections by your Area Managers.
  • Managers and field staff at your home are instructed to maintain a safe distance from field crew members and clients.
  • No contact with client’s belongings; such as trash cans, doors, mailboxes, etc.. and we will no longer leave the paper door hangers that are used to inform clients of the services we performed that day.
  • We have reconfigured the crews to be smaller; 2 men maximum.
  • Implemented staggered start times, and instituted direct reporting to trucks to keep field team apart.
  • Morning dispatch manager asks crew members how they are feeling each morning once they enter our lot. The managers are instructed to send anyone who is experiencing a symptom or not feeling well home immediately.
  • Temperatures are taken of all field staff using a thermal distance thermometer. This went against the Americans with Disabilities Act until recently the EEOC said it would be temporarily allowable.
  • Trained our crews to perform daily truck sanitation with Clorox spray and wipes.
  • Supplying disinfecting cleaners, hand sanitizer, and masks for all crew members and for the few remaining office staff who do still report to the office.
  • Provide an outdoor hand wash station for employees to clean off before going home.
We are committed to continuing to adhere to all these enhanced precautions and continually monitor for necessary changes to help keep our clients and team safe. The Kane Team would like to thank you for your continued support and trust in us, especially during these trying times!