Kane Landscapes

Environment & Community

Kane Landscapes, Inc. is committed to sustainable business practices, both environmentally and socially. We continually strive to find new and innovative ways to reduce our waste, improve our strategies and serve the communities in which our company thrives.


At both the project site and our office/shop we continually look for ways to reduce and recycle our waste, as well as to neutralize our carbon footprint. From recycling all our used oil and filters, using a disposal company that separates the recyclables out of our dumpsters to using a local re-processing plant to create mulch and top-soil from your yard waste, Kane Landscapes is looking out for the environment. We also cut down on carbon emissions by purchasing quality vehicles and equipment, and by following strict maintenance guidelines to ensure our fleet and equipment are running properly and efficiently. In addition, we reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing our supplies locally, which minimizes emissions from deliveries from out of state suppliers.

Kane Landscapes understands that education and continual learning is the only way to keep up-to-date with the latest in the “green” industry. From becoming one of the first certified Permeable paver installation companies in the area to encouraging our mangers to become LEED Green Associates we are striving to find ways to lessen our companies and our clientís impact on the environment.

We also encourage our customers to be environmentally responsible, from using plants that are appropriate for their site condition, to using less water, fertilizer and pesticides. In addition, we encourage our clients to incorporate more landscape beds with plants as opposed to larger, water consuming turf areas. Our clients are advised on proper water techniques and the use of intelligent irrigation systems, such as weather-matic controllers, rain sensors, drip and low volume emitters as well as water collection cisterns and gray water usage. To make the most of this limited and life sustaining resource. Our Lawn Care Program uses slow-release, granular fertilizer and spot spraying for weeds to reduce the amount of chemicals that flow into ground water, while still providing the green lush lawns our customers take pride in.


Since 2000 Kane Landscapes has been sponsoring area little league, soccer teams and even an American Girl Pageant. We have worked with numerous local elementary schools to provide support, tools and guidance for student clean-up days and have donated designs and horticultural services to help raise money for the Loudoun Habitat for Humanity. Kane Landscapes believes strongly in supporting the communities which have supported our employees and company for so many years. See our Newsroom for press releases on recent community service projects.