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Fall Activity of The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is Upon Us!


“This week, Wednesday specifically, thousands of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) begin their movement towards overwintering habitats. The interesting thing about this phenomenon is that BMSB almost all start moving around and flying on the same day. In many cases, they end up in buildings such as homes, barns, sheds, commercial buildings, etc.

In more natural areas, BMSB migrate to rocky outcroppings at higher elevations. We (Raupp and Shrewsbury labs, UMD) have been monitoring BMSB activity at Sugarloaf Mountain in Dickerson and Weverton Cliffs in Harpers Ferry, WV for the last month. Up until this past Wednesday, timed visual counts have been “0” or in the single digits. However, on Wednesday, BMSB counts were in the several hundreds on Sugarloaf Mountain. I also noticed a great increase on the outside of my house in Columbia on Wednesday too.

The timing of this fall flight is similar to what we saw last year during the first week of October

So… if you have not addressed physical barriers to exclude BMSB from you homes and businesses, now is the time. Be sure vents are screened, door sweeps are in good shape, window screens don’t have holes, and any other openings are sealed. Remember, BMSB have evolved over thousands of years to be effective at what they do. They will find and enter any hole left unsealed.”


Original Article from the University of Maryland Extension IPM Weekly Report. Written by Paula Shrewsbury,  University of Maryland Extension

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