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Labor Day Thank You

11080892_10153180401017241_4031279820587060530_nAs the entire country celebrates Labor Day, I want to take a moment to recognize the employees at Kane Landscapes. The landscape industry is a very competitive industry, especially in Northern VA. With hundreds of companies to choose from, our success is dependent upon a business model that differentiates us from most other companies in this field. We are a service company that builds and maintains great landscapes, and do so with an experienced, well trained and highly motivated workforce. Without our committed team, we would not be able to provide the superior landscape services and the top notch customer care that has kept our business thriving over the past 24 years.

10987622_10153089649702241_3546044567350226461_nThe landscape industry is not only a highly competitive one, it is also a very physically and mentally challenging field. It truly requires a workforce that is dedicated and driven and willing to work long hours, often extending into evenings and weekends. They must also work in almost all weather conditions. During the spring, our employees work through the rain while in the summer, they sweat through long hot and humid days. In the winter, they work through the many days and nights in below freezing temperatures to remove snow and ice to make our clients’ properties safe. Despite the difficult conditions and long days, our team not only completes their work, but they do so safety, efficiently, and with a positive attitude. They are trained to know industry best practices and the most efficient methods. In addition, the majority of our foremen and labor force have been with our company for 10+ years and so they also have a unique understanding for your landscape.William on Excavator (2)

Our office staff and management team continue this client driven approach and hard working atmosphere. They bring to our organization a perfect mix of experience and fresh perspectives. There are some that have years of experience in the landscape industry and knowledge from larger firms, while others are just starting their careers and offer new ideas, tech knowhow, and unprecedented enthusiasm. Many of our team have moved up through the organization, even creating their own upward mobility through their help with sales and growth. Our management team has been recognized by many professionals as one of the most skilled, educated, and motivated teams in the industry.

11218493_10153277593302241_5784276767508676140_nWe are proud to work with such a dedicated, talented, and hard-working group and feel fortunate to have each and every one of you on our team Thank you again and enjoy a well deserved 3-day weekend!

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