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Kane Landscapes Makes a Couple Changes

Here at Kane Landscapes, we pride ourselves on superior service and customer care.  As we continue to grow, we look for ways to keep providing the best possible services and customer care. In that vein, we are making a couple of changes.  We hope that these changes will only aid us in our quest to make our customers happy with their choice of Kane as their Landscape Services Provider.

We are proud to announce that Joe Ryder will take the new position within the company as Internal Operations Manager. We believe that Joe is uniquely suited to taking on the task of running the day to day internal operations of both our Landscape and Maintenance Divisions. A Kane employee for over 3 years now, Joe has worked as an Operations Manager in both the Landscape and Maintenance divisions.  We are confident that in this position Joe will make our company even more organized and help us to provide even better service.

Bobby Gordon will be our new Maintenance Operations Manager and the single point of contact for all of our Maintenance customers.  Bobby has been with Kane Landscapes for just over two years.  Initially, he joined our company as Lawn Technician, and this winter we asked Bobby to join our management team. He has proven himself capable of taking the helm of the Maintenance Division and keeping up with our clients’ questions and requests.

Any ongoing work you have contracted with Kane through Joe will proceed as planned.  Bobby and Josh will be overseeing all such work.  Things at Kane will remain largely the same.  Josh is at the helm. And Alan, our Landscape Architect, is still working diligently to bring your landscaping dreams to life. John Peer, who joined us this past spring, remains our Landscape Operations Manager.  And Julie and Justin continue to work in the office.

We are excited about what the future holds for us with two changes.  We know that Joe and Bobby will provide with the level of service that befits the Kane Landscapes Team.

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