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Water Features

petersfin03Water is a true liquid asset that adds value and allure to any outdoor living space.  Whether used as a quiet reflecting pool, a modest resonating trickle, or a resonating torrent, a water feature is a dynamic and kinetic element that can engage our senses in unique ways and affect our perception of a space.  There is something about water in motion that draws our attention, evokes contemplation, or sooths our moods.

Lombardi 2012 008Water features don’t have to be large and complicated. Even a simple water spout echoing in a small space is sufficient to enhance relaxing enjoyment of a space.  An example of this is the popular use now of a pondless water feature comprised of a water spout emitting from a sculptural element.  Water is recirculated from an underground reservoir covered with large decorative gravel.  This is a great choice as well when considering child safety due to its lack of an open pond or reservoir. Finished Project 021

An even more subtle use of water is a static reflecting pool that can be used in certain settings to mirror the surrounding landscape and tree canopy and project onto the ground plane.  Speaking of pools, why not enhance your swimming pool with water weirs or scuppers that emit water from raised walls along the coping to add interest and resonating water sound track.

petersfin02On a sloping site, creating a natural character stream bed with boulders and gravel beds at varying levels can accentuate the site topography and create more of a water roar in a larger space.

In a more formal structured plan, a classic fountain style can act as an extension of architectural features of the house.

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