Kane Landscapes

3D Designs

Are you “left-brained”?  Do you tend to be more logical and analytical about things and sometimes tend to feel like you have trouble with visualization?  This is often the case for many of our clients especially when presented with a large complicated landscape design.  The standard plan is an excellent tool to help us build your dream outdoor space, but it really does not depict what the project will look like when completed.

The visual provided by the 3D plan really helps people visualize the completed completed.  We take the landscape plan that we created with you and  pictures of your property to create a virtual tour through your future landscape.  This tour will walk you through the gardens, fly you over the pool, and even let you view the landscape at night. It allows you to get a feel for how the trees will screen the neighbor’s house or how much counter top space there is on the grill island.  Many of our clients feel this really helps them to see things much more clearly and to understand where things will be and what is going on with the grades.

Below are a few landscape plans we have recently completed along with a few pictures from the 3D tour.  If you are thinking about a change to your landscapes but are worried that you really can understand how it will look once completed, maybe the 3D plan is for you.


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