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Monthly Archives: February 2014

3D Designs

28-02-2014 by Justin Hill

Are you “left-brained”?  Do you tend to be more logical and analytical about things and sometimes tend to feel like you have trouble with visualization?  This is often the case for many of our clients especially when presented with a large comp [...]

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Winter Work

21-02-2014 by Justin Hill

In the landscaping industry, winters are pretty quiet.  There just isn’t a lot that we can do.  Every now and then, a winter comes along that is a little warmer that allows us to produce actual jobs, but those are few and far between.  When we g [...]

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Cool Season Weeds

14-02-2014 by Justin Hill

Virginia is for (snow) lovers! And Cupid apparently got the message; this week he’ll be drawing his bow and aiming his arrows at us.  However, instead of bringing love and kindness to all of us this St. Valentine’s Day, he’ll be striking us wi [...]

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Water Features

07-02-2014 by Justin Hill

Water is a true liquid asset that adds value and allure to any outdoor living space.  Whether used as a quiet reflecting pool, a modest resonating trickle, or a resonating torrent, a water feature is a dynamic and kinetic element that can engage our [...]

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