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The Perfect Season for Planting

Rene - big treeAlthough many homeowners think of spring as the time for planting, fall is actually the ideal time to install perennials, evergreens, and deciduous trees and shrubs.  When plants are installed in the fall, the warm soil encourages root growth and these roots continue to grow until the ground freezes.  Then, in the spring these plants have an early start because they will have a well-established root system. By the time summer arrives, these plants are better equipped to deal with heat and drought.  Plants that are installed in the spring get a slower start due to cooler soils and are not as well equipped to deal with the summer climate.

Autumn is also the ideal time for overseeding our lawns. The cool nights and mild, shorter days provide the ideal conditions for seed germination. Seed is better able to retain moisture in these conditions and seedlings will thrive without the extreme heat that occurs in the summer months. To provide additional nutrients and fresh soil for grass seed to germinate, we recommend that a thin layer of compro be applied to your lawn prior to overseeding.

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