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Jax: The Kane Office Dog

IMG_7613Earlier this year, I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to get a puppy.  In addition to the normal concerns one would have when making this decision, my greatest worry was leaving my would-be puppy in a kennel all day.  Living in an apartment, I didn’t have a yard in which to let the puppy just run around all day.  So, I asked Josh and Julie whether it would be okay to bring a puppy into work with me every day.  I knew that they had two dogs of their own that they brought in on occasion, but this was a far cry from what would essentially be a full-time office dog.  Luckily, they were very open to the idea.

I left work one Thursday morning in early May to go pick up my new puppy. I must admit that I was very nervous about bringing a puppy into work. I was worried that he would be a distraction, and not just because everyone would have to stop every time they saw him to give him the attention his natural cuteness deserved, but rather that he would be loud, whiny, and possibly hurt what is normally a quiet working environment.

Jax 1Oh, and potty training was forefront in my mind, as well. Sure enough, within 10 minutes of getting him into the office, he was already peeing on the floor. But, because he was 7 weeks old, everyone just thought it was the cutest thing. People would stop and watch him lovingly as he slept in a paper bin under my desk. Of course, after a few weeks, the cuteness faded and was replaced with carpet stains, a holding pen that surrounded my desk, and lots of whining and barking.  It was official; the office dynamic had was being smashed. I was worried that after a few weeks things just weren’t going to work out. My dog might prove to be too much of a distraction. I began to feel the heat of some people’s frustration with the “office” dog.

Jax 2Jax is an Airedale terrier and a goofball.  He wants attention from wherever he can get it. He is rambunctious, playful, goofy, and the most loving dog I have ever owned. And, as an Airedale, he is mischievously intelligent. I really wanted Jax to be a great dog. So, I worked hard to train him. Not tricks, though we are starting work on that now, but rather proper office behavior. No barking. No jumping up on people.  No rutting through people’s trash cans. No eating walls. No chewing on Josh’s Designs.  And the list goes on.

It took a few months, but I believe that Jax is an integral part of our office now. A couple weeks back, I had to leave him at home one Friday. Everyone asked where he was: Josh, Joe, David, Nate, the FedEx delivery guy, the UPS guy, the Deer park water guy. Everybody that had come into the office over the past few months asked where Jax was. Jax greets everyone with such enthusiasm and love, the kind of greeting that only a dog can give. Even the people who did not work in the office missed him. He is there to greet you when are having a stressful day. He is there to celebrate with when you are having a great day. He is there to goof around with you are in the mood to be silly. And he is there to get you into a silly mood, even you aren’t expecting it. He is delightfully odd in the kind of way that makes you smile and laugh.  He is the perfect addition to the office.IMG_7607

Jax is un-penned now. He has his run of the office. If you hear a bark in the background when you call, it’s Jax saying hello and that he needs to go outside.  If you hear growling, don’t worry. Jax is just playing with one of his toys. If hear loud noises and crashing sounds, it’s probably just Jax running around too fast and colliding with nearby furniture. I expect that Jax will be a fixture in this office for years to come. After just a few months, he has officially earned his way into the hearts everyone that works here.

Jax 3

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