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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Goodbye Summer, and Thanks for all the Fun

30-08-2013 by Justin Hill

Labor Day has been celebrated for over 130 years in America.  In May of 1882, the Central Labor Union of New York first celebrated Labor Day.  By 1894, the holiday had caught on so much, Grover Cleveland made the holiday official by signing it into [...]

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The Danger of Over-Watering Plants

13-08-2013 by Justin Hill

Have you ever noticed your indoor or outdoor plants looking a touch on the pale yellow or pale green side, wilting, or even dropping their leaves?  These may be signs of over-watering.  And believe it or not, over-watering is considered the most co [...]

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Kane Landscapes wins “Best Landscaper”

06-08-2013 by Julie Kane

Kane Landscapes is proud to announce that we have been voted the “Best Landscaper” in I Am Modern Magazine’s 3rd annual “Best of the DC Suburbs” survey. I Am Modern is an award winning, reader-generated magazine for women and moms in the Me [...]

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Licensed to Apply

05-08-2013 by Justin Hill

Most people don’t put much thought into the care of their lawn.  Just put down the occasional fertilizer and spray the weeds every now and then.  For many, this is sufficient.  A person can put down those items on his own lawn without having to [...]

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