Kane Landscapes

Making an Entrance Walkway Inviting

IMG_2563One of the most important design challenges of a front yard is to effectively draw a guest to your front door.  Do you have one of those narrow “builder installed walkways” that seems heavy on function (point A to Point B), but lacks in aesthetic appeal?  Why not remove it and create an inviting arrival path that is both functional and makes walking to your front door a pleasant, spatial experience.  We recently completed such a challenge for a client in Lowes Island.  We used a broad flagstone pad at the path entrance off the driveway that leave no doubt as to where the path begins.  A subsequent series of flagstone pads of varying sizes are separated by narrow bands of low “steppable “ groundcover, which tie into the surrounding garden, makes this approach a pleasant garden experience leading to the refurbished front porch and steps. The arrival path allows two people to walk side by side comfortably, and even offers a bench nestled under the crape myrtle canopy that creates a contemplative spot to rest and take it all in.

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