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Lawn Fungus & the Common Cold

Did you know that this past month we got the 4th highest rain totals ever recorded for the month of June. The average amount of rain for June is 3.78″.  Dulles Airport recorded an astounding 9.97″ of rain- over 2.5 times more than we normally receive. You may notice some unsightly yellow or even grey spots in your turf. This is not due to poor lawn applications or even the neighbor’s dog making an unwanted stop.  These spots are lawn fungus caused by the high humidity and consistent rainfall.  Many lawns are experiencing one sort of fungus or another. Lawn fungus can be compared to the common cold. Even though we may take vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies healthy,  the common cold sometimes still gets us if the conditions are right. The good news is that your lawn will improve when more favorable weather conditions are present.

Fungicide treatments can help keep the fungal infections under control; but, under these weather conditions, fungicide treatments will not completely prevent the fungus from appearing, but will help slow the spread and speed the recovery.

*remember most lawns in our area are a cool season grasses, so naturally are in stress during the heat of summer.

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