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GROSS – What is That?!?

DogvomitfungusMany clients have been calling to let us know that they have been seeing odd “blobs” pop up in their garden beds lately. The technical name for this growth is Fuligo septica, more commonly referred to as scrambled egg slime or dog vomit fungus. This growth is a fungus composed of thousands of tiny spores that become active with heavy rains or high humidity. This type of fungus is prevalent in flower beds that are usually covered with a layer of hardwood mulch and is actually harmless to most plants. When disturbed, the spores fly into the air and land in other areas of the garden where they will form new masses of spores, so it is often best to leave the “blob” alone. You can spray the bed with a copper fungicide to kill the spores, but even if you do nothing, the good news is that this particular fungus is short lived. Once the weather turns drier, the fungus disappears.

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