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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hokies Welcome a Lion

26-07-2013 by Julie Kane

Kane Landscapes is proud to announce our newest Team Member, Nate Ament, our Landscape Project Supervisor. Nate was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with much of his time spent in the outdoors camping, backpacking, and whitewater kayaking. [...]

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The Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Landscape Contractors

19-07-2013 by Justin Hill

It is easy to overlook some of the details when hiring a landscape contractor to do work on your home.  The landscape contractor has his own truck with a logo on it and everything.  All the employees have what at least passes for uniforms.  So, ev [...]

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Deer Damage

17-07-2013 by Julie Kane

Vineyards, airports and many other locations use animals, such as sheep, to keep grass trimmed without the use of large machines.  This does not mean you should save yourself some work by using deer to trim your shrubs.  If you have lived in the no [...]

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Lake Front View

15-07-2013 by Julie Kane

Last fall, one of our designers met with homeowners who just closed on a house with a view of Lake Thoreau in Reston. The current landscape was very lacking and the existing decking was rotting and too small for entertaining. [caption id="attachme [...]

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Making an Entrance Walkway Inviting

11-07-2013 by Julie Kane

One of the most important design challenges of a front yard is to effectively draw a guest to your front door.  Do you have one of those narrow “builder installed walkways” that seems heavy on function (point A to Point B), but lacks in aesthet [...]

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Lawn Fungus & the Common Cold

10-07-2013 by Julie Kane

Did you know that this past month we got the 4th highest rain totals ever recorded for the month of June. The average amount of rain for June is 3.78".  Dulles Airport recorded an astounding 9.97" of rain- over 2.5 times more than we normally receiv [...]

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Reflections of Nature

08-07-2013 by Julie Kane

Apart from telling customers to plant red, white, and blue flowering plants for July 4th, there is little in the way of traditional July 4th gardening.  This in part is due to the fact that July is not really a month known for its favorable planting [...]

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GROSS – What is That?!?

01-07-2013 by Julie Kane

Many clients have been calling to let us know that they have been seeing odd “blobs” pop up in their garden beds lately. The technical name for this growth is Fuligo septica, more commonly referred to as scrambled egg slime or dog vomit fungus. T [...]

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