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How to Chose a Qualified Landscape Designer

Noting Alexandria - ColorMany prospective clients ask us why they should work with Kane Landscapes, Inc. over the numerous other landscape companies that are out there.  At Kane Landscapes, Inc. we install and maintain hundreds of landscapes every year and just like no two people are the same, we feel the same for all our projects.   Choosing the correct landscape designer is very important so that your project goes smoothly and in the case it does not, you have someone you know will help get things back on track.  Choosing that right person can be broken down into a few basic principles:

  1. Are they experienced in the type of design you are looking for?  This can mean many things from the size and complexity of the project to the style, be it formal, county casual or contemporary.  It is important that the designer have built projects like the one you envision. Make sure you look at their portfolio and request to be taken to a project they have designed to see the work for yourself.
  2. Are they good listeners?  The old saying is true “there is a reason we have 2 eyes, 2 ears and only 1 mouth”.  This is your dream, you want their thoughts and expertise, but in the end it is how you see yourself using and enjoying the landscape that really matters
  3. Will their company or independent companies be installing the project?  Are you looking for someone who is an independent designer or are you looking for a complete design/build company that can take those plans, work closely with the designer, and make your plans come to life.
  4. Does the designer have any construction experience?  A great design only matters if it can be built properly, efficiently and at a cost you budgeted for.
  5. How busy are they?  Is this a project you are looking to get in the ground right away or that you are planning for several months or even a year or further down the road?
  6. Is the designer responsive and generally a good fit personality wise?  No matter the size of the project, you will most likely be having a fair amount of interaction with this person before, during and after the project is complete.  You will want to work with someone who understands you and responds in the time frame that you are expecting.

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