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Help Prevent Crape Murder!!

Crape MurderCrape Murder can be defined as improper pruning by excessively cutting back the canopy of your tree. Crape Murder has been a copy cat trend for years, especially in commercial landscapes, and does not show signs of stopping. Homeowners often question why our crews are not following this trend since they have been inundated with these techniques. Is it our crew’s inexperience? Is it profiteering? Simply put its wrong.

Most homeowners or professionals do not prune tops of maple trees, dogwood trees, oak trees, so why do we see this commonly practiced on Crape Myrtles? By pruning the top out of your Crape you destroy the natural shape and reduce flower yield. Crape Myrtles are well known for their attractive bark which can bring winter interest when the garden flowers are dormant.

What are the steps to properly maintain a Crape Myrtle?

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