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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Grub Conspiracy

24-06-2013 by Julie Kane

As Cicero warned his fellow senators of the threat brewing within the walls of Rome, so we now warn you of similar threat to your lawn.  Of course, the cabal that history refers to as the Catiline’s Conspiracy aiming to destroy of Rome lead by a h [...]

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Common Spring/Summer Weeds

20-06-2013 by Julie Kane

Summer is almost here. School is out. Tiki torches and bonfires are being lit. And summer weeds are popping up. Weeds are probably not the first things that come to mind when thinking about summer, in fact they probably don't come to mind at all! But [...]

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Kane Company Picnic… and a Father’s Day Celebration!

19-06-2013 by Julie Kane

On Sunday, June 16th the entire Kane Team, along with their families and friends gathered at Algonkian Park in Sterling, VA for our annual company picnic. Despite the fact that the picnic had been scheduled on Father's Day (an oversight on our Vice [...]

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Help Prevent Crape Murder!!

17-06-2013 by Julie Kane

Crape Murder can be defined as improper pruning by excessively cutting back the canopy of your tree. Crape Murder has been a copy cat trend for years, especially in commercial landscapes, and does not show signs of stopping. Homeowners often questi [...]

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How to Chose a Qualified Landscape Designer

13-06-2013 by Julie Kane

Many prospective clients ask us why they should work with Kane Landscapes, Inc. over the numerous other landscape companies that are out there.  At Kane Landscapes, Inc. we install and maintain hundreds of landscapes every year and just like no two [...]

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