Kane Landscapes

Water, Water Everywhere!

Some things you just can’t predict on jobs.  After tearing down a patio that was poorly built by another company (that we will leave unnamed) years ago, we came across this underground spring.  We knew the area just past the patio was frequently wet, however, since we could not find many of the drain pipes that were supposed to have been installed by the previous company (that we will leave unnamed), we attributed poor drainage as the cause of the soggy lawn.  Springs are often more obvious in, well, the“spring” time when the water table is higher due to frequent rains and the snow melts from the winter.  We often find springs in the Ashburn / Leesburg area due to the high levels of limestone in the soil.  Using some creative solutions and a lot of pipe and gravel we will redirect the water coming up from the spring to allow the project to be built properly this time around.

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