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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Memorial Day and the Red Poppy

23-05-2013 by admin

There are many stories by which over two dozen cities and towns lay claim to be the first to officially sanction a holiday dedicated to the remembrance of soldiers lost in battle by having women’s organizations  decorate the graves of confederat [...]

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A Kane Mothers’ Day Tradition

13-05-2013 by admin

Josh Kane never has to worry about what to get his mom for Mothers' Day. Back when Josh started his landscaping business in his early teens, his mom asked him to plant summer annuals in their front landscape beds. So for the past 22 years, rain or [...]

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Water, Water Everywhere!

08-05-2013 by admin

Some things you just can’t predict on jobs.  After tearing down a patio that was poorly built by another company (that we will leave unnamed) years ago, we came across this underground spring.  We knew the area just past the patio was frequently [...]

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