Kane Landscapes

Outdoor Rooms

Do you ever think of your outdoor living spaces as  “outdoor rooms?”   Just as a house has “interior rooms” defined by walls, ceilings, doors and view windows, an “outdoor room” is similarly defined to create a comfortable and pleasurable experience. 
An arbor can be used to create an entry “door” to your space, 
which could be further defined by spatial “walls created with plantings


or stone.

A pergola, 

the overhead canopy of well-placed trees,

or pavilion structure can be used to create  “ceilings.”
All these elements, and many others, can be professionally designed to come together and create an outdoor room with a comfortable human scale that opens up into higher and wider views of interest.  What is the state of your outdoor rooms? 
If you feel something is lacking in your “outdoor room” experience, give us a call at Kane Landscapes, Inc.
and we would welcome the opportunity meet with you to create a vision that excites you.

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