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Plant of the Week: Winter Snowman Camellia

We have had plenty of snow flurries in the past couple of weeks, but so far not enough accumulation to build a decent snowman. In the hopes that we get at least one good snow storm this year, we are making this week’s plant of the week the Winter Snowman Camellia.

Snowman Camellias are evergreen shrubs that grow to be about 12 feet tall and 5 feet wide. This particular genus of camellia has lovely white flowers that bloom from late fall through the winter. Camellias are a striking shrub and serve as a great focal point in the landscape. To be rewarded with the best green foliage and white flowers, these Camellias should be planted to face east. Not only do these “snowmen” provide color and interest to your winter garden, the blooms and foliage are fine additions to winter flower arrangements inside your home.

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