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Plant of the Week: Forsythia

Forsythia as a single bush

This week’s Plant of the Week is yet another sign of spring to come. In fact, forsythia bushes are among nature’s earliest spring bloomers with their vibrant yellow flowers. This deciduous bush can be planted as a single bush or as a colorful hedge and do best when planted in areas of full sunlight. A single Forsythia bush can grow to be 8-10′ high and 10-12′ wide. If planted as a single bush it is recommended that light pruning be done to give the bush a more wild and natural feel. However, forsythia are extremely fast growing plants so if they are planted as a hedge they will need to be pruned regularly, after their spring bloom is complete. Forsythia hedges are great for providing privacy, defining boundaries, and erosion control when planted on slopes.

Forsythia hedge

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