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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Plant of the Week: Forsythia

27-02-2013 by admin

Forsythia as a single bushThis week's Plant of the Week is yet another sign of spring to come. In fact, forsythia bushes are among nature's earliest spring bloomers with their vibrant yellow flowers. This deciduous bush can be planted as a single bus [...]

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A Landscape for all Life’s Seasons

27-02-2013 by admin

In the midst of enduring a cold winter, nothing gets us more excited  than the anticipated changes that a warm Spring will soon bring.   Just as nature has its changes of seasons, our lives seem to track in seasons as well, carrying us through you [...]

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An Award Winning Landscape Company

20-02-2013 by admin

Whether you are looking for a landscape design or landscape maintenance company, you want to make sure the company you choose has the experience and qualifications necessary to do the job right. Not only does Kane Landscapes have a team of educated, [...]

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Plant of the Week: Crocus

19-02-2013 by admin

Look for this weeks Plant of the Week to start popping out in the coming weeks, signaling the arrival of spring. Crocus are one of the most popular types of bulbs because they are so easy to grow and because they come in a wide variety of colors. [...]

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Mulching – Beware DIY Landscapers

13-02-2013 by admin

This week, we have begun to clean and edge our customers' landscape beds in preparation for Mulch Installation.  Mulch not only presents a clean appearance throughout your home’s landscape, but it is also very beneficial to your plants and soil. H [...]

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Plant of the Week: Garden Snowdrop

11-02-2013 by admin

This week's plant of the week is dedicated to New England's snow storm over the weekend.Garden Snowdrops are about 4-6 inches in size and look like three drops of milk hanging from a stem. This accounts for the Latin name Galanthus which means "milk- [...]

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Gardening Enthusiasts

07-02-2013 by admin

Are you ready to take your gardening to the next level? Three years ago, the Kane Team constructed a Garden for one of our clients who is an avid gardener. We designed the garden to mimic those of old England with wide decorative gravel paths border [...]

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Plant of the Week: Winter Snowman Camellia

04-02-2013 by admin

We have had plenty of snow flurries in the past couple of weeks, but so far not enough accumulation to build a decent snowman. In the hopes that we get at least one good snow storm this year, we are making this week's plant of the week the Winter Sno [...]

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