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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Nellie R Stevens Holly – Plant of the Week

24-10-2012 by admin

The Nellie R Stevens Holly is a cross between the English Holly and Chinese Holly. This Holly variety has a naturally dense pyramidal shape. The leaves on a Nellie R Stevens Holly are a glossy with a dark green color that remains intact year round an [...]

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Virginia Sweetspire – Plant of the Week

17-10-2012 by admin

The Virginia Sweetspire typically blooms in late spring or early summer, producing small, white flowers.  The mildly fragrant flowers make a woodsy smell. However, these plants are valued more for their fall foliage than for either their blossoms’ [...]

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Fothergilla – Plant of the Week

10-10-2012 by admin

 Fothergilla is a deciduous shrub that needs full to partial sunlight.  It has interest throughout the year and is slow to grow, reaching its peak around 5-6 feet. The Fothergilla features fragrant spring flowers, summer foliage, and brilliant colo [...]

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Kane Landscapes Wins Four More Awards

08-10-2012 by admin

Kane Landscapes takes home four more awards: [...]

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