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Pumpkins & Sunflowers with Pre-Schoolers

The Kane Team helps plant the pumpkin patch on May 31st
On May 31st, the Kane Team spent the morning with 40 incredibly intelligent and energetic three-year-olds at Golden Pond Pre-school in Ashburn, VA. We spent our time teaching the students all about the plant life cycle. In addition to the arts and crafts we did inside the classroom, we also helped the students plant two separate garden plots with pumpkins and sunflowers so their education can continue throughout the year.
The pumpkin patch on July 31, pumpkins already taking shape!
We are happy to report that the students have done a tremendous job caring for their crops. Just two months later we find that the pumpkins are already taking shape and will be ready for harvest by October while the sunflowers have almost grown to their full height and should bloom by late August or early September.
Sunflower almost ready to bloom!

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