Kane Landscapes

10th Semi-Annual Advisory Board Meeting

Josh Kane, Owner, leading the discussion at
our 10th semi-annual Advisory Board Meeting

 On July 20th, Kane Landscapes hosted its 10th semi-annual Advisory Board Meeting at Monami Gabi Restaurant in Reston Town Center. Our six Board Members along with our owners and managers sat down to discuss our 2012 progress towards our strategic plan as well as growth plans.

It was particularly interesting to see how far our company had come since our first Board meeting back in January of 2008. Since then, we have added 13 new employees to our team, 7 trucks to our fleet. With the constant advice and direction of these well established and highly professional Advisory Board Members, we are confident that our company will continue to succeed and meet our goals. They have continually provided solid feedback on important topics such as employee development, customer service, budgetary items, and growth plans over the past five years.

We would also like to thank our management team for attending and participating in the discussion. We are so fortunate to have such energetic, enthusiastic, and bright  individuals on our team.

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