Kane Landscapes

Landscape Lighting Training

A company can only be great if its employees are trained and motivated to perform great. That’s why Kane Landsapes has incorportated a comprehensive training program into its operations, similar to Toyota’s, called Kane Production Systems.   Most recently we conducted our landscape lighting training to refresh and remind all of our employees on proper lighting installation techniques.
The training focused on proper lighting placement for various types of lights including spot lights, wall or step lights, well lights, and path lights. The proper placement of these lights makes a major difference in the overall effect and appearance of your landscape at night. Where and how to establish hubs and run cables was also a primary topic of the training. Hub and cable placement is extremely important so that repairs and adjustments can be made later, for ease of access, and for safety. Wiring and testing, proper labeling of transformers, and safety precautions were other important topics of the training.
What sets Kane Landscapes apart from the multitude of other landscape companies in the area is the investment it makes in hiring and training the best employees. All of our trainings are conducted each year to ensure that our employees know the most up to date landscape installation and maintenance techniques.You can rest assured that when you hire Kane Landscapes to design, install, or maintain your landscape, you are hiring the experts!

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