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Mulch Volcanoes

Spring is the air and so is the smell of newly laid mulch.  In many yards and landscape beds you will see mulch that was haphazardly piled into mounds around tree trunks, creating what many call “mulch volcanoes.”  Many people, and companies, feel the more mulch the better and as a result, they are harming and in some cases, slowly killing these trees.

It is important to note that mulch has its values, including its ability to retain soil moisture during times of drought, moderate temperature in during extreme temperatures associated with winter and summer, and suppress weeds. However, the value is lost when the mulch is misapplied, or over-applied as is the case with “mulch volcanoes.”  Mounding mulch against tree trunks causes existing surface roots to suffocate and new roots to grow into the mulch instead of the soil, which leaves them at risk of drying and dying once the mulch decays. In addition, mulch volcanoes soften the bark of young trees, and invite insects, rodents, and disease to invade the tree.
Kane Landscapes’ crews are trained to properly apply the correct amount of mulch so that it is beneficial to your trees and plants.  If you are interested in our Fall Mulching service to keep your plants and trees safe this winter, please contact us for an estimate.

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