Kane Landscapes

Kane Landscapes Advisory Board Meeting

On January 6, 2012, Kane Landscapes, Inc. held it’s 8th semi-annual Advisory Board Meeting at Dolce Vita Restaurant in Fairfax, VA. The Advisory Board was established in January, 2008 in order to help Kane’s owners and management establish long and short term goals, develop practical solutions to problems, and to advise us on complex decisions.  We are fortunate to have many well established and prestigious business professionals on our Board including:
Jason Cupp – Growth Consultant; Former President of PLANET
John Kane – Precise Systems; Long-time Kane Customer
Jim Rice – Attorney, Principal of Brody Wilkinson, PC
John Ryan – President of the Center for Creative Leadership; Former USNA Superintendent
Russ Stube – CPA, is the managing shareholder of Bailey, Stube & Glaser; Long-time Kane Customer
Marcus Vandevliet – Consultant and Founder of MV Enterprises
At the most recent Advisory Board Meeting Kane’s owners, board members, and management team discussed the most critical elements of our business including, customer service and retention, employee development and retention, and our financial performance and budget for 2012. In addition, we discussed our company vision and 5 year strategic plan.
The owner’s of Kane Landscapes gained insight, advice, and expertise from our established board members and management team. We would like to thank each board member for taking their personal time to help improve our company. And we would like to thank our management team for their dedication and commitment to meeting our goals.

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