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Aeration, Seeding & "Poop"

Last fall, my sister’s family came for a visit; and as my nephew walked through the front door, he yelled, “There’s poop in your grass!” I immediately thought one of our neighbors had failed to clean up after their dog. However, when I asked my nephew, “Where?” he enthusiastically exclaimed, “Everywhere!” I started to get really mad at my countless inconsiderate neighbors, until my husband explained that my nephew was referring to the grass and soil plugs left behind by the aerator.

So, why do so many lawn-conscientious homeowners have “poop” in their lawn every fall? Core aeration alleviates soil compaction, allows more water and oxygen to the roots zone, provides more room for grass roots to grow, and creates a cool damp place for seed to germinate. Core aeration is most beneficial for cool season grasses (most common to Northern Virginia) when done in September or October along with over-seeding and applying fertilizer. If you are a customer of Kane Landscapes and have signed up for the Lawn Care package, these service will be provided to you. Just remember to water your lawn before and after the services are performed to help the seed germinate. We recommend watering your lawn 2-3 times per week at least one week before and three weeks after your service.  Please call our office for your scheduled visit date.

Speaking of “poop”, top dressing your lawn with Orgrow is the most effective treatment to establish a thick, green lawn. If your own dogs have done damage to your yard or the summer heat and drought have left your grass in need of some serious TLC, applying a thin layer of Orgrow will go a long way in repairing damage. Orgrow is a 100% organic soil media containing a tremendous amount of naturally occurring nitrogen (including manure, A.K.A. cow poop), which is what makes the grass so green. Top dressing your lawn is extremely beneficial because it improves soil composition, reduces soil born diseases, improves water holding capacity, and reduces thatch. In addition, it breaks down over an extended period of time, keeping your lawn healthy throughout the year.

Besides the aforementioned “poop” related services, Kane Landscapes also provides several other lawn renovation services geared towards repairing summer damage, preparing the grass roots for the winter, and maintaining healthy grass throughout the season, including: power seeding, dethatching, applying fall fertilizer (non-poop based), and weed control. Better yet, Kane Landscapes can provide a full-year, customized Lawn Care Program to make your lawn and landscape the envy of your neighbors.

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